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3 Benefits Of Booking Your Next Landscaping Project This Winter

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While there’s no doubt that the spring and summer months are the prime time for landscaping projects all over the country, every project has a good bit of planning and prep time behind the scenes that you don’t see, and part of this prep time involves getting in contact with a landscaping design professional and […]

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Benefits That Professional Landscaping Services Can Provide for Your Greenville Business

Do you own a business in the Greenville, SC, area? If you do, then you’ll want to make that business as great a success as you can. And an excellent step to take in order to make your business thrive is to get commercial landscaping services. After all, your business’ landscaping can help make or […]

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Putting Down Sod in Winter – When is the Right Time of Year?

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Your home, including your yard, is an ever-changing, ongoing project. One of the most important aspects is creating a yard that helps make the exterior look stunning. Think of your overall landscaping doing for your exterior the same as what interior design and decorating does for the inside of your home. One of the options […]

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4 Steps To Keep A Healthy Lawn During Greenville Lawn Mowing

Category: Lawn Mowing

In Greenville, keeping a healthy lawn during the summer months takes special care – especially during lawn mowing. There are many ways to ensure your Greenville lawn stays fresh and green, and many ways to destroy all that hard work. Lawn mowing can actually hurt your lawn instead of helping it. One of the ways […]

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Exterior Lighting Adding New Color and Creative Function to the Outdoors: The many Benefits of Landscape Lighting

For many of us; the simple light bulb that illuminates the front of the home is good enough for  safety and theft deterrent. It does the job of providing enough light to see where the front door is and anything that may get in the way. But if you’re looking for something more; look into […]

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Planting Medicinal Herbs in Your South Carolina Garden

Category: Gardening

Before you ingest or use any wild growing plant, be sure to get permission from your doctor first. This is VITALLY important, especially if you are on any sort of prescription medication or have any sort of ongoing illness. What Americans may not know is that farmers across the country are turning to crops grown […]

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Four Common Problems with Irrigation Systems in your Greenville Landscape

Automatic irrigation systems are a great convenience. It’s great to not have to spend the summer standing out in the yard with a hose! And you never have to worry about forgetting or being too busy to water the yard. But when problems with your irrigation system crop up, it can be a huge frustration. […]

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Weed Control Tips From Your Greenville Landscaping and Lawncare Experts

When it comes to Greenville lawn maintenance, a reoccurring issue is weed control. Weeds can germinate and grow in any season, unlike the plants we sow annually. You can pull up weeds only to have new ones sprout within a few days. These weeds take food, water and space from your flowers and grass, so […]

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Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance Tips From the Greenville Lawncare Experts

You may have a sprawling, green lawn that you like to tend spring flowers on or plant edible herbs for your kitchen; or you can have a small, quaint backyard space that is just enough for your dog to run around in or for your kids to play in with their classmates or friends. Regardless […]

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Greenville Lawn Care: Easy Maintenance Yards

A low-maintenance front yard is the goal of many homeowners in the Greenville area. You can get an easy to manage front yard landscaping by hiring a professional Greenville Lawn Care company, or you can struggle with doing it yourself – not always the easiest route. Either way you can have front yard landscaping that […]

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