Putting Down Sod in Winter – When is the Right Time of Year?

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Putting sod down in the winterYour home, including your yard, is an ever-changing, ongoing project. One of the most important aspects is creating a yard that helps make the exterior look stunning. Think of your overall landscaping doing for your exterior the same as what interior design and decorating does for the inside of your home.
One of the options that you have is sod, for rolling out that new lush green lawn without the need to plant seeds and wait. Of course, that means it requires care, just like establishing any type of new lawn. That also means addressing questions, such as when to put sod down.

Sod and Upstate & Coastal South Carolina

This area varies from the conditions and climate found along the coastal plains. That means there are slight variances about when to put down sod and the maintenance required.

Much of what can impact the results you will get from this process depends on the type of grass you are installing. Certain grasses are more resilient and farewell almost under any circumstances; others are not as hardy.

Another factor to consider is how wet the grounds are. It would be better to wait and install your new lawn during cooler weather than when conditions are too wet. Not only do farms not cut sod during these types of conditions, rolling it out would more than likely drown it out. Simply put, as long as the ground is not frozen, laying out sod is possible.

Bermuda sod grass, for example, is more likely to weather colder conditions if put down in the winter. However, it can be difficult to acquire sod in cooler months. Farms supplying for this area usually start cutting in spring.

The bottom line is that, generally speaking, April is the ideal time to put down sod grass. However, if it must be winter, make sure you are working with an experienced landscaping company that can pair you with a grass that has a better chance of not just surviving but thriving.

Getting the Care You Need

By making the wise decision to work with lawn care professionals like BC Lawn Care for your sod installation and upkeep, you are bound to have great success. We will meet with you to discuss the options that you have and then determine when the type of grass you want should be put out. Each season is unique to even that same season the year before, so we can take current conditions into consideration and work towards you having the best lawn ever.

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