Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance Tips From the Greenville Lawncare Experts

You may have a sprawling, green lawn that you like to tend spring flowers on or plant edible herbs for your kitchen; or you can have a small, quaint backyard space that is just enough for your dog to run around in or for your kids to play in with their classmates or friends. Regardless of what size of lawn you may have, Greenville lawncare is sure to be a regular concern of yours. The good news is there are very basic things you can do to make sure your patch of green grass stays healthy, green and beautiful.

As you may expect, watering is the most basic form of lawncare and also one of the easiest things to do. The key thing in watering is in the application of water. You must use enough water to moisten as much of the roots as possible. You may consider using a soil probe or a soil shovel to check the average root depth of your lawn, before you start your watering process. This is so you know how deep to apply water to maximize the health and beauty of your greenery.

If you are using clay in your lawn, use one to one and a half inches of water to moisten the root area to a 6-inch depth. Sandy soil, on the other hand, can be moistened to 6 inches using just 0.5 inch of water. It is critical that you are aware of how deep your roots grow, since this directly influences how much watering you must do. Water too deeply or not deeply enough can spell bad news for your lawn.

Also, pay attention to the weather. If there is an extended dry period in your area, you may need to water every four to six weeks; therefore, make sure you are prepared for this level of frequency. You may also want to enlist freelance help to assist you in the watering frequency if this kind of Greenville lawncare is not something your schedule can permit.

You may also want to perform your watering duties during late evening or early morning, as these times usually present a situation where there is less evaporation and hence, more water is absorbed by the soil, as compared to hotter periods of the day such as noontime.

Fertilizing is another simple lawncare activity. Check first and get your soil tested to make sure what nutrient it is deficient in, although commonly, people use nitrogen as the key nutrient in promoting good color and growth of grass. However, keep a close eye on how much nitrogen you use in your fertilizer, especially during warmer seasons like spring and summer.  Over-fertilization can lead to thatch buildup and require you to mow more often, which, we all have to agree, is not a good thing even for lawn-owners. On the flip side, under-fertilization is also not good, as lawns can become unhealthy if proper and adequate fertilization is not done.

With these simple steps, you can perform basic lawncare and make sure your patch of grass stays as pretty as the first day you had it. Contact a professional Greenville lawn care and landscaping company like BC Lawncare with any questions you may have about your lawn and landscape.

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