4 Steps To Keep A Healthy Lawn During Greenville Lawn Mowing

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Lawn Mowing in Greenville, SCIn Greenville, keeping a healthy lawn during the summer months takes special care – especially during lawn mowing. There are many ways to ensure your Greenville lawn stays fresh and green, and many ways to destroy all that hard work. Lawn mowing can actually hurt your lawn instead of helping it.

One of the ways you can ensure your lawn stays beautiful and green all summer in South Carolina is to be sure it is mowed properly by a real professional lawn maintenance company who knows NOT to do certain things and TO do specific things when mowing. Here are 3 steps you can take to ensure your Greenville lawn stays healthy even through the mowing season.

1. Understand the dynamics of the needs of your grass. In order for the root system to be healthy, you shouldn’t have your grass cut shorter than about 2 inches. The blades of grass are what feed the roots. Greenville lawns that are cut too short will brown and die -or will shortly due to becoming unhealthy and vulnerable to insect infestations and drought. If the roots receive no moisture or food from grass blades that are too short, they will not thrive and your lawn will not look good. Make sure your lawn maintenance technician knows not to mow the lawn too short.

2. The lawnmower wheels are adjustable and can be mistakenly set at different levels. Make sure they are all set to a uniform height or you’ll wind up with a pretty odd looking mow job.

3. Make sure the lawnmower blades are always kept sharp. For a great looking Greenville lawn, sharp blades are a necessity. Sharp blades cut the grass, not tear it up, which means your lawn will be greener and healthier as is recovers from the cut quickly. Dull blades damage your grass and give you an uneven looking mowed lawn. Blades should be sharpened twice each season for the best results.

4. Don’t mow a wet or semi-wet lawn. For one thing, your grass needs to absorb that liquid within the blades and root system to be healthy. For another, mowing only clogs up the mower and tears at the grass. A healthy lawn is watered near dusk or into the dark so the grass can absorb as much as possible without being burned by the light and heat of the sun, and only mowed once the moisture has been absorbed.

Generally, if the health of your lawn declines after service from a lawn mowing and maintenance company, there’s something wrong with how they are doing things. Not all bad looking lawns are caused by insect infestation or dry soil or bad soil content. Sometimes it could be the team you hire to take care of the mowing and maintenance. If you are looking for mowing service done right for healthy, beautiful Greenville lawns, give our experts at BC Lawn Care a try. You’ll be so glad you did!

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